Background and Reference Check

Hiring the right person is not all about skills and talents but also the character and attitude that make the candidate. No entrepreneur or business owner would like to end up having a con artist or a person with attitude problems as his/her employee. We conduct background checks on candidates and provide consultancy services on how organisations can manage people in their systems. This way we ensure your organisation will have the right people with the right track record. We check up on the following:

Our background and reference check services help protect clients from the risk of hiring candidates with criminal records and poor performance. We provide information on character, criminal record, prior employment disengagement reasons which help confirm the fitness of such candidates for relevant roles.

Benefit to our clients include:

  • Know Your Employee (KYE)
  • Protects against hidden liability
  • Promotes safety and security in the workplace.
  • Ensure a perfect person/job fit
  • Improve job performance

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