Recruitment and Outsourcing


We specialize in the recruitment of permanent, contract and temporary positions on behalf of companies across various industries

We offer a wide range of recruitment services through strategic talent  management & hiring procedures aimed at attracting, developing and  deploying the best hands for the job. These includes:

Executive Search and Selection– This allows us to recruit any level of  staff

Graduate Recruitment -This offering allows us attract and recruit graduate trainees and entry level staff based on client criteria

Semi skilled workers – Drivers, Dispatch, Factory workers,  Merchandisers etc.

“We believe that People are the lifeblood of every successful organisation. They solve problems, seize opportunities, deliver results and drive success.”


With over 4,000+ outsourced employees nationwide, we deliver fully risk  verified workers that drive business performance, growth, and allows  organizations to focus on their core competencies. Our offerings clearly  enable businesses become more efficient and increase probability of  success.

We provide staffing that cuts across different industries and categories of  employee such as Account Officers, Merchandisers, Supervisors, Market  lead, Drivers, Customer Service Executives, Personal Assistants, etc.

Leveraging on our experience, D.T.M.L has over the years developed the  capacity to manage outsourcing needs and deliver timely to all our  customers’ needs

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